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College life is something, everyone gets excited about, be it teens or people in their 20s. And getting the opportunity to study abroad is like the cherry on the cake. We at Marine Immigrations understand this and want to make your dreams of studying abroad come true. Marine Immigrations, the best study visa consultants in Chandigarh, will surely help you grab the opportunity of studying abroad in leading countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many more. As the leading student visa consultants in Chandigarh, Marine Immigration offers free career counseling and career planning advice. Our highly driven and passionate team of career counselors will provide you the best student visa assistance and help you choose a suitable program for your bright career path. So, get in touch with us now for a life-changing experience.


With the right education, skills, relevant work experience, you can make Canada your permanent home.

United States

It allows you to live & work permanently and legally in the United States.

United Kingdom

Work and Live permanantly in the UK with a Skilled Workers Visa at hand


Australia’s economy remains one of the strongest in the world, offering millions of jobs every week.

New Zealand

With a high income potential, New Zealand offers excellent work environment.


Work and Live permanantly in the Europe with a Skilled Workers Visa at hand.